1. What services do Align Property offer?
Align Property provide residential and commercial property reports and searches to assist in the sale and rental of these properties. Please see our products page for a full list of the services we offer. If you require a property report or search that isn’t listed in our services then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

2. How long is an Energy Performance Certificate valid for?
The Energy Performance Certificate for a residential property to be put up for sale is valid for a period of 10 years after the date it is produced.

If the Energy Performance Certificate is for a rental property the document will be valid for a period of ten years providing the tenancy agreement doesn’t change.

3. Will I need to be at the property to let you in to carry out the Domestic Energy Assessment or Home Condition Survey?
We would rather you be present whilst we conduct our inspection so please bear this in mind when making the appointment.

4. How long will the survey take?
The Domestic Energy Assessment will normally take approximately an hour dependent on how many extensions are present and the size and complexity of the property.

A Home Condition Survey will normally take about three to four hours, again dependent on how many extensions are present and the size and complexity of the property.

5. How can I check you are suitably qualified?
Confirmation of our Home Inspectors and Domestic Energy Assessors credentials can be found by searching for us on the Landmark website, https://www.hcrregister.com. For your peace of mind they all have up to date CRB checks, are fully insured and carry ID cards.

6. If I am unhappy with an aspect of your service, how can I make a complaint?
Please get in touch with us and we’ll try our best to resolve the problem. If you prefer, we also have a complaints procedure which will be sent out to you on request.

7. I live in a conservation area; will the report recommend improvements I’m not allowed to make?
Don’t worry we don’t make inappropriate recommendations which conflict with conservation regulations. We are aware of the location of conservation areas and their boundaries in our operating area.

8. Which areas do you cover?
We are based in Yorkshire but can provide any of the products we offer nationwide.

9. What is an Energy Performance Certificate?
This is a document that shows the energy efficiency and environmental impact of the property.

10. What is a Home Condition Survey?
A Home Condition Survey contains information about the physical condition of the property, which sellers, buyers and lenders will be able to rely on legally as an accurate report and is requested by a buyer.